Author Topic: 3rd Anniv. Maol Anfaidh Re-Union August 10th 2001  (Read 2862 times)


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3rd Anniv. Maol Anfaidh Re-Union August 10th 2001
« on: September 09, 2004, 10:42:23 AM »
My grandmother's maiden name was Malanaphy. She was from the New Jersey area. Her family came from County Cork Ireland.  I was told that her father (Michael Malanaphy) was a gardener who immigrated to the United States in the 1880's as did most of the family.
   My great-grandmother who married Mr. Malanaphy was a Sullivan before her marriage.  She was either from Cork or Kerry.  I am interested in geneology as part of my Irish History studies if anyone feels this sounds familiar to their family's history I would be interested in hearing from them.
   My grandmother married and relocated to New Haven, Connecticut. She married an Iron Worker by the name of Edward O'Neill.  Thanks for the chance to discover perhaps some long lost cousins out there.


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3rd Anniv. Maol Anfaidh Re-Union August 10th 2001
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2004, 01:36:10 PM »
Thanks for joining in on the discussions (although recently it's been a bit slow!)
   Anyway, on this site there is a family tree and a branch for "Malanaphy":
   Also, Dan Mellamphy is our genealogy expert and he can probably give you some leads.  His email is:
   I'm also a "Malanaphy" and grew up in Brooklyn, NY.  I had a bunch of uncles and cousins all around the tri-state area.  I think my immediate relatives from Ireland came from County Cavan.
   - Brian


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3rd Anniv. Maol Anfaidh Re-Union August 10th 2001
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2004, 11:59:31 PM »
Hello Peggy! I'm Janelle, of Sorry for my invisibility: I went back to school full-time shortly after finishing the site, and updates have been few and far between! I'm hoping to update the family tree info during my winter break in January 2005. Ideally you'll want to check the family tree at the end of January to double-check the info I'm relating here... but if this can be of any help to your family history project, here's my two-cents-worth:
   It seems that most emigrants to the US had their names spelled Malanphy or Malanaphy by immigration officials there -- which is to say that your grandmother's family may well have spelled their name differently before settling in NJ (there's more information on various spellings at My branch of the family is from Cork and North Tip, and there the name is usually spelled Molamphy or Mellamphy...
   I mention that because I don't have information with the specific spelling "Michael Malanaphy", but that doesn't mean there's no information on your family, because there was likely never anyone in Cork who spelled his name that way! There are a number of Michaels, and I'll assume the Michael in question was born some time between 1850 and 1870 (see the generation outlined in orange-coloured boxes in the family tree at
   I think a good possibility might be Michael Mullamphy / Mellamphy b.1863-03-15 Ireland, second son (of 5 kids) to James Mullanphy (b.1833-03-09) and Jane Gleeson. The information I have about them only says "Ireland", but I know for sure that the descendants of this Michael's older brother John lived in and around Co. Cork (and still do!) -- and if this Michael is your great-grandfather, we are directly related, as his big brother John is *my* great-grandfather! (I have nothing more than the birthdate for this Michael, which means we're wide open with respect to who he might have married and where he might have emigrated to, which is the case for most of that branch of the family, other than my own great-gandfather's direct line... please keep me posted if you find anything!)
   There are also two other possibilities, but less promising:
   - Michael Joseph Malamphy b.1862-09-? Cork Ireland, d.1934-03-11 USA, but he married and had 6 kids with an Elizabeth C. "Lizzie" Stanton b.1864 d.1895-07-15 USA... His parents were Michael Mullamphy/Molamphy and Ellen Smyth/Smith both of whom were born and died in Ireland, in case you want to look into that.
   - Michael Mullanphy b.1846-08-04 Co.Tipperary Ireland, d.1929-03-06 OH USA, but he married and had 1 child with one Anna M. Brophy (b.1848 Ireland)... son of James H. Mullanphy b.1811 Co.Tipperary, Ireland, d.1858 OH USA and Ann Quinlisk b.1823 Co.Tipperary, Ireland, d.1863 OH USA
   I have no information on a Malanaphy-Sullivan marriage unfortunately (there's a Catherine C. Molamphy, daughter of Patrick Molamphy and Julia Keough of Tipperary, who married a Patrick Sullivan, but I think they died in Ireland, and I have no information on off-spring, in case this couple had a child who married a cousin... But if a female Sullivan married into the family, I don't have the maiden name recorded yet.) I can confim that Sullivan is quite a common name in Kerry; my grandmother's people are from Kerry and they're all O'Shea and O'Sullivan, so it's likely a Sullivan from Kerry married a Malanaphy/Mullamphy from Cork...
   Hope that helps. Good luck with the project!!