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Molana Abbey site is now open to the Public Tuesdays Wednesdays & Thursdays . Times 9.30am to 4.30pm.( Easter to October) The path from the road to the Abbey site is cleared & is fairly easy to get to on foot.
   The Ballynatrea Estate is under new ownership & we have begun an exercise to open-up the possibility to have the Abbey of Molana either Restored or Protected by the County or by the State.
   As a very early Christian site (501AD) & a very much earlier Druidic place of worship. it is felt that this aspect of Irish History should be more actively pursued.
   With this foremost on the drawing-board we have instituted moves to have things looked at & we await further developments.
   As a Clan we give it our blessing.
   Dan Mellamphy NZ
Daniel G Mellamphy


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   Many of you may be familiar with this website but I post it for those who are not.
   The site shows photographs of a memorial stone and statue of St. Maolanfaidh.
   Please note copyright and conditions.
   Pete M

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Thanks for adding this Pete.
   We must keep this thing going or it will drop off the map for the Clan...especially people new to this game.
   Dan & family NZ
Daniel G Mellamphy